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Staufen im Breisgau  lädt ein !

Historical [ deutsch ]

Staufen in pago Brisgowe

  • 770 first documentative registration of "villa staufen in pago Brisgowe"
  • 1028 passing on of the rights of mining for the "Breisgau" to the bishopric Basel through emperor Konrad 11.
  • 1211 registration of the lords of Staufen as bailiffs of the monestry St. Trudpert
  • 1248 first documentative registration of the Staufen castle
  • 1323 first documentative registration of Staufen as city
  • 1336 first registration of the church "St. Martin"
  • 1350 the black death (plague all around in Europe)
  • 1356 heavy earthquake in and around Staufen
  • 1487 building of the todays church "St. Martin"
  • 1524 rebellion of farmers in Staufen
  • 1533 processes of witchcraft in Staufen (until to 1632)
  • 1534 refoundation of the hospital by "Ludwig von Staufen" (todays building from 1582)
  • 1539 death of Faust in the restaurant "Loewen"
  • 1546 building of the town hall with market-fountain
  • 1566 building of the city-palace by the lords of Staufen
  • 1595 year of the plague/new churchyard with the St. Sebastian - chapel (1597)
  • 1602 death of the last lord of Staufen (the fief goes to Austria)
  • 1626 Austria pledges the government of Staufen to "Hannibal von Schauenburg"
  • 1632 in the 30-year-war Swedish troops occupy Staufen and burn down the castle (from then on ruin), then changing occupation of the city by emperor and Swedish troops, ravages and plunderers
  • 1643 Staufen is headquarter of the Swedish-French Army, civilization lives in the woods for 4 months
  • 1676 building of the monastery of the "Kapuziner" (today Goethe-Institute)
  • 1676/79 Netherlands hereditary succession war: French troops occupy Staufen, plunderers, civilization escapes into the woods
  • 1688/89 Palatinative hereditary succession war : French troops occupy Staufen und destroy the city wall
  • 1725 and 1732 rebuilding of the city gates, 1827 final removal
  • 1690 at the leaving of the French troops houses and the city church are being burned
  • 1700 entering of Savoy families
  • 1703 French soldiers plunder Staufen, civilization again in the woods
  • 1722 government of Staufen goes again directly to Austria
  • 1734 wood-rafting on the "Neumagen" is being stopped because of high water
  • 1738 Staufen as fief to the monastery St. Blasien
  • 1744/77 monastery of the "Ursulinerins" of Freiburg in Staufen
  • 1792 French Revolution wars: Staufen becomes headquarter of the French immigrant-Army
  • 1800 plunderer by French troops
  • 1806 Staufen comes to the new founded duchy "Baden" after Napoleon’s victory in the "Pressburgian Peace"
  • 1813/15 liberation wars against Napoleon
  • 1828 last public execution in Staufen
  • 1848 Baden Revolution: occupation of Staufen by volunteers and attack of the city by duke troops (september 24th), end of the so called Struve-riot
  • 1870 installation of the iron bridge over the "Neumagen"
  • 1893 building of the city-swimming-pool
  • 1894 opening of the railway Krozingen-Staufen-Sulzburg (1916 also to Münstertal)
  • 1895 the city Staufen buys the castle ruin for 18.000,- Deutsche Mark
  • 1899 building of the evangelist church
  • 1974/78 new building of the schools (Thaddäus-Rinderle-School)
  • 1980 building of the churchyard hall
  • 1984 building of the St-Anna-Bridge and foundation of the pedestrian precinct in the center
  • 1990 opening of the Ceramic Museum
  • 1990 beginning of the annual cultural weeks


  • 1028 first documentative registration of the suburb "Kropbach" because of its silver
  • 1111 belonging to the government of Staufen
  • 1128 documentative registration of "Gruonre cum ecclesia"
  • 1740 building of a bathing house with 36 bathes and guest rooms (Bärenbad)
  • 1784 building of the old school house
  • 1848 building of the town house
  • 1953 building of the school house
  • 1961 building of the kindergarden
  • 1974 municipalication to Staufen


  • 1111 belonging to the government of Staufen
  • 1275 first registration of the church
  • 1953 new building of the school house
  • 1957 new building of the town hall
  • 1971 municipation to Staufen
  • 1989 building of the kindergarten

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History- Doctor Faustus [ deutsch ]

Doctor Faustus - Staufen im BreisgauDoctor Faustus

Anno 1539 has been in the lions to Staufen Doctor Faustus such a strange Nigromanta, died miserably, and there goes the saga of supreme devil one who Maphist stopilis he called in his lifetime only his brother had given him, after the Pact expires 24 years , broken his neck and handed over his poor soul from eternal damnation.

  • 1480 (probably on april 23rd 1478) Faust is born (likely iohann Georg Faust) in Knittlingen
  • 1507 first Faust document: Johannes Trithemius, former abbot of Sponheim and now abbot of St. Jacob in Würzburg, writes a letter to the mathematics and astrology specialist Johann Virdung in Heidelberg on august 20th . He drawed a bad and distorting picture of Faust: it is until to the middle of the 19th century the only known fact for Faust and until to today the main source for his condemnation
  • 1516 Faust is probably located in Maulbronn. He is engaged in producing gold as an alchemist for abbot Johann Entenfuss who is highly indebted because of his many building activities
  • 1534 Faust makes bad forecasts for a trip to Venezuela of "Philipp of Hutten" likely in Augsburg
  • 1539 Faust is invited by the indebted lords of Staufen and there died likely an unnatural death
  • 1540 a letter from South America confirms Faust’s forecast on january 16th
  • 1565 many different versions of Faust’s death are being told in Staufen: Faust has died, Faust has died terribly, he was killed by the bad ghost
  • 1587 the "Historia of D. Johann Fausten" is published, a book which is the basis of all the Faust-literature
  • 1590 the known Faust drama is made by the english dramatic Christopher Marlowe (1564 – 1593)
  • 1772 Johann Wolfgang Goethe starts to work on his Faust


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